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  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
  • Pet Clipper PGC-660
Pet Clipper PGC-660Pet Clipper PGC-660Pet Clipper PGC-660金沙游戏平台Pet Clipper PGC-660Pet Clipper PGC-660

Pet Clipper PGC-660

  • Available with Adjustable blades/detachable blades
  • Patented cool blade technology
  • Cord/Cordless with Li-ion battery for long hours service
  • Ultra light in weight: 412g
  • Product description: Smart Digital Detachable Clipper

Smart Digital Detachable Blades Clipper PGC-660

Smart Digital <a href= target='_blank'>Pet Clipper</a>

Smart Digital Pet Clipper

Smart Digital Pet Clipper

Smart Digital Pet Blade

*5 Speed adjustable( 5000-7000RPM)
Digitally displays speed of rotation, speed of rotation adjustable while working.

*Smart constants speed control-金沙游戏平台
Product keeps constant RPM according to set of speed.

*-金沙官方网站_4066.comLCD intelligent status display
LCD displays time, speed of rotation, lubrication notice and charging progress.

*High performance Li-ion battery (2500mAh)
3 hours of quick charge can run 5 hours, over charging protection included.

*Patented Cool-Blade technology

The industry's first blades cooling system keeps the blades cool even after heavy use.

*The industry's first self-repair charging technology
Longer battery life and less Re-charging times.

*Extended life motor
The commutator made of gold-palladium, last longer than traditional motors.

*Chorme combs set (3/6 /9/12mm)
Smooth chrome finish feeds hair through comb effortlessly creating a faster, smoother cutting action.

*Equipped with standard Adjustable Ceramic blade
Adjustable blade size: 1.0mm 1.3mm 1.6mm 1.9mm

*Compatible with all LightEdge detachable blades

Shernbao LightEdge Blades Series

The industry 's first Titanium coating on Ceramic shear blade,
Titanium coating on High quality stainless steel blade.
Very fast cutting, super wearability, hardness and sharp, long service life.

Thin blades (Adjustable)

Smart Digital Pet Blade


Adjustable blade size: 1.0mm 1.3mm 1.6mm 1.9mm (Same as: 15# 10# 9#)

Smart Digital Pet Blade
Adjustable blade size: 0.25mm 0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm (Same as: 40# 30# 15#)

Thick blade (Not Adjustable)

Smart Digital Pet Blade
7F 3mm

Smart Digital Pet Blade

5F 6mm

4F 9mm

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